Syed Anwarul Haq Haqqi

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Prof. Syed Anwarul Haq Haqqi

By Naved Masood

I learnt with sorrow the passing away of Prof Haqqi former Professor and Head , department of Political Science, AMU, at Aligarh earlier this mornining. As most of the younger members of internet forums may not be aware of his life and times, it is appropriate to post a short obituary of the departed scholar with brief personal observations that will help appreciate his academic and personal stature.

Syed Anwarul Haq Haqqi was born in 1922 in a distinguished family of landholders and theologians who based themselves in Hardoi District of UP. after his grand-father migrated there from Plawal in the then Gurgaon District. (Incidentally, Palwal is located on the northern banks of the river Jamuna with the southern bank forming the boundary of Aligrah District). His father Maulvi Syed Mehmoodul Haq established himself as a lawyer in Hardoi. His elder brother, Maulana Shah Syed Abrarul Haq was a well known scholar and spiritual guide to a large section of society. He had his education at Lucknow University from where he obtained the degrees of LLB and M.A (Political Science) in 1943. He was handpicked by the late Pof Muhammed Habib as Lecturer in Political Science in the Department of History in 1945 – till then, the University did not have a separate Department of Political Science. He obtained his first PhD in Histrory, writing his thesis on Genghis (Changez) Khan in 1951 with Prof Habib as his supervisor. Interestingly, this thesis was published in book form only a short-while before his death; thus his first research work was his last publication, He later obtained another PhD, this time in Political Science 'proper' from London University in 1959 for his work on the “Colonial Policy of the Labour Government”. While in London, he came in contact with one of the foremost Political Scientists of the times, Sir Ivor Jennings, who had made an incisive study of the Indian Constitution as the political agenda of a newly liberated nation rather than as a dry statute. Subsequently,he made an in-depth study of Union-State relations in India from the perspective of a Political Scientist under the influence of Jennings and can be said to be amongst the pioneering Indian Political Scientists to have directed their attention to essentially constitutional issues from a non-juristic, Social Science perspective. His edited studies on Pluralism and Indian democracy, and Secularism did much to focus attention of the academics and lay intelligentsia alike to some of the major contemporary issues of the Indian polity and society.

Having never been a student of Political Science, I knew Haqqi Sahib initially as a handsome, charming man who was our next door neighbour on the campus and from whose library I would occasionally borrow books one of which (World Constitutions) I never bothered to return! His true academic stature was brought home to me when I joined the ‘Foundational Course’ of the IAS at the National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie in 1977. Those were the days when the IAS and IFS would still attract some of the brightest intellect of the country, most of them with Social Science background. Those were also the days when “Seminars” were major policy formulation forums – what with the ‘kitchen cabinet of Mrs. Indira Gandhi consisting mainly of Social Scientists. I found none of the bright intellectuals to be indifferent to Haqqi Sahib. Those with ‘left-of-the-center” views, castigated his ‘venal diligence’ and ‘impressive but misplaced articulation’ in such seminars. Others were, of course, full of admiration. Other than Prof Irfan Habib, I doubt if any other Aligarh academic got such attention from Social Sciences brightest boys and girls (who were eventually sucked in the vortices of bureaucracy, World Bank and United Nations etc). I can not help wondering if Haqqi sahib had moved out of Aligarh to one of the Social Science outfits in Delhi, today there would have been much greater attention to his passing away!

It is also a relatively unknown fact that Prof Haqqi was among the precious few Aligarh academics who worked tirelessly but discreetly for dismantling the undemocratic and retrograde governance structure foisted on the AMU by a vindictive and self-righteous Mr. Chagla. He was a living encyclopedia on the movement for ‘restoration of minority character’. He was, however, acutely aware that the movement was essentially a failure insofar as achievement of minority character was concerned. Had he read the recent unwarranted observations of Prof Imtiaz Ahmad about the minority character of AMU destroying its academic standards and equally misplaced angry retorts to Prof Ahmed by Aligarh Aficionados, he would have found the situation truly ironical.

A man of unfailing politeness, courtesy and fortitude he bore his immobility of years with dignity and fortitude. He had the satisfaction of finding his doting and dutiful son, Prof Tariq Mehmood Haqqi, attain academic excellence and honours – what greater reward an academic can expect?

I am not too sure, if the community will take much notice of this brief obituary reference from someone who had come in his contact fortuitously. Living communities have an innate capability to recognize the worth and talent of its members during their life-time. Let us hope that in this case there will be a posthumous realization of what has been lost. I also hope that many of his worthy pupils will find time to pen more insightful tributes to their departed colleague and teacher.

Mr. Naved Masood is an AMU Alum and a senior Civil Servant in Govt. of India and he is based in New Delhi. He can be reached at

Syeda Zebunnisa Haqqi, Prof Haqqi

Prof. Haqqi with his wife Syeda Zebunnisa Haqqi

Sohaila Naheed Mohsin, Prof Haqqi, Tariq M Haqqi, Syeda Zebunnisa Haqqi

Prof. Haqqi with his family

Sumbul Raza, Syeda Zebunnisa Haqqi, Farah Saeed, Prof Haqqi, Mansour Syed Raza (photos

Prof. Haqqi with his wife and grandchildren

Haqqi sb 2007

Prof. Haqqi at his residence in Aligarh in 2007

Prof Haqqi, Sumbul Raza

Prof. Haqqi with his grand daughter Ms.Sumbul Raza

Aligarh Movement Team extends their gratitude to Ms.Sumbul Raza who has provided all of the pictures of (Late) Prof. S.A.H. Haqqi

Professor Haqqi' sad demise

I am deeply saddened at the news of Professor Haqqi's demise and regret that I was unable to keep up my relationship with him for the past three decades. I studies with Professor Haqqi from 1961 to 1963 as an MA student in Political Science. He was my favorite teacher for the depth of his knowledge, his gentle demeanor, his humility, and his willingness to go out of his way to be helpful to students. When I returned to India from the United States with a PhD degree he was keen that I join the AMU faculty. However, brighter prospects lured me away to Delhi where I taught at JNU for a few years before joining the faculty at the Australian National University and later Michigan State University in the United States. I saw him quite often during my days in Delhi and he also visited our home in Delhi. I believe the last time I met him was in 1975 in Aligarh. Over the years, I have often thought of him and of his contribution to my career as a student and scholar of Political Science and International Relations. He was a profound scholar, an excellent teacher and, above all, an exemplary human being. May his soul rest in peace.

Mohammed Ayoob
Senior House Monitor, Aftab Hostel, 1962-63
University Distinguished Professor of International Relations
Michigan State University




Sad - yr mail was just a reminder of the transitory glories of this world; Dr. Haqqui passed away. Dr. ( Dr.) Haqqui's demise opened the jar of nostalgia: He came to London University, around 1950, already a PhD under distinguished Prof. Habib and ran through another doctorate on Labour Government ! We all admired his insight and refined manners.

Yes- I intend writing an obituary in our university periodical :GRAYING ERA… A quick rewind in discovering Prof. Haqqui over sixty years, it may illustrate my ignorance and the limitations of the perspective, just as the living must remember death.

Dr. Haqqui never agreed with Prof. Laski on NATIONALISM and regarded this dimension as a conspiracy of Afro-Asian-divide; he felt strongly that it was that snick which narrowed the fall-out of the two great wars, when Europe was burning and the Muslim world adapting. This we discussed at Warsaw, Poland in 1978-79; we met after sixteen years. Time proved he was right; look at our European-Union with common currency and seamless borders today VS a divided Muslim world !

If necessary, he was quite out spoken: he told an audience in Poland, " Democratically elected governments sometimes act as foolishly and often 0pressingly as vertically managed states. Liberty: Judiciary and MEDIA, without accountability will remain the freedom of fools." He always maintained that upgrading of university-marking systems in any form will devalue the educational currency.

Yet again we met at "the assembly of the world religions"- New Jersey, U.S. in Nov.'85.when he was visiting Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY. His paper was great: "Socially responsible business in Islam, another pillar of democracy." His talks were scintillating : "God has created nothing more noble than intelligence and his wrath is on him who despise it. God is very beautiful and loves beauty in all its forms." At a point Dr. Haqqui mentioned to the delegates "his belief and awareness of what lies beyond this life as more acute & more concrete than any sensation experienced here" – pick of the day!

I shall remember him for his introduction to the "Secularism under siege" and this will continue to provide the bulwark against the extremism of our age and for generations to come.

I shall also remember him for his noted paper " Why Abba Eban lied to Regan"(Univ. of Pennsylvania's Wharton School publication, '84). Here, he demonstrated to the academic world that he was a London University - trained scholar.

Pl. provide me with a list of his papers, Books, and also the transcript of his interview with Saudi T.V. -02 on a C.D./ U.S.B. My son-in-law Dr. Guillelmino is due Riyadh; third week of May,10

Jawad, a tip 4 U : high time U hang up yr Corporate shoes and join Media…

Remember me to yr wife ( Gisala Haqquie Jawad), I understand her grief and loss…..

Affectionate Regds,

Mark weaver. Edinburgh EH 15 5ZL.


I am very happy to see Dr. Mark Weaver's comments on Prof.Haqqi. Dr. Mark Weaver himself is a great social scientist, educationist and he was on the board of Harvard Business Review and Human Rights Association, Geneva.

Prof S A H Haqqi-my most esteemed teacher : K. Shahid

I learnt very late about the sad demise of my most esteemed teacher,
Prof S A H Haqqi. Incidently, I was in Aligarh on 30th, 31st Jan 2010
and met one of the brightest and learned faculty from the Deptt of Pol
Science, Dr. Arif Hameed. I was much senior to Arif Hameed as far as my
stay in the deptt of Pol Science is concerned; we shared many common
memories and feelings about the deptt. One of them was our respect and
love for our teacher Prof. Haqqi. We did not have any iota of thought
that soon we will hear the greiving news about our teacher and mentor.
He was gentle, kind and humane person,who used to speak very little to
his students but always cared for them. I cannot forget the day when I
was walking with him from the faculty of Art to his residence and on the
way he very softly asked me, " I wonder whether you can teach in the
deptt". On my further enquiring he informed that there was a leave
vacancy as Dr Taufiq Nizami had proceeded on sabbitical leave and he was
considering to appoint me against the leave vacancy. I felt honoured and
very happy. That is how, I was initiated into the teaching profession
and I taught as ad hoc lectrurer for one full academic session. Later, I
was selected for the Central Secretariate Service of the Govt of India
on the basis of IAS etc exam of 1976. It was a very critical decision
for me either to remain in AMU and pursue academic carrear at a central
univ in my home town or join a secretariat ( babu ) service in a big
city and a sort of new world. It was again Haqqis ( both Prof Haqqi and
Mrs Haqqi ) who also helped me in making up my mind in favour of CSS. I
am now happy that I made the right choice. I continue to get his
blessing and love. When I last met in Aligarh at the residence of his
daughter, Sohaila, he was in bed and it was difficult for him to walk
around comfortably. I spent lots of time with him and talked about many
things. He enquired about my job, my family, brothers, sisiters and all
others. His alert mind was fully alert as ever. He was reading
newspapers and magzines. I came back sad about his physical immovablity
but very happy about his intellectual and academic exellence. Now my
mind is full of lots of such sweet memories and I want to share them
with all others. If time permits I will InshaAllah write in more details
about my favouroite teacher who was more than a teacher was the father
of one of my best freinds, Tariq Haqqi. Tariq is now in USA pursuing an
outstanding carrer in Genetic Sciences. Sohaila, eldest daughter of Prof
Haqqi was our class felow in MA Pol Science. Her husband, Dr Mohsin
Raza, was our senior in the university. I have spoken to Sohaila to
join with the family in this moment of sorrow. But I know that no amount
of words and praise can reduce their and our greive caused due to demise
of Prof Haqqi. We pray to Almighty Allah to give a very high place to
the departed soul in paradise. We , his students , should endeavour to
continue to follow and spread values taught by Prof Haqqi to us.
My respesct for Naved Masood has further gone up for the initiative
taken by him in writing this note in memory of Prof Haqqi. I join him
and all others in paying our rsepect to Prof Haqqi.

DIRECTOR, Institute of Sectt Training and Management, Govt of India

For My Dearest Grandfather to whom I owe so much!!

For My Dearest Grandfather to whom I owe so much!!

From my earliest memories, I remember “abbu” in a black sherwani and a topi to complement with-coming back from the University in the afternoon with walking stick in one hand and bag in the other..My grandmother asking me to quickly go and take the bag from his hand and say salam.It was time for lunch and he would quitely come, sit on the dining table and listen to all our little conversations and smile.

Abbu was a man of dignity..someone whom we all loved dearly and respected even more..he was one of the most well known figures of Aligarh being equally famous among the elite or the poor. I always wondered how anybody could be so well known, loved and respected-all at the same time. As I grew up I realized it was because he led his life with utmost honesty and held strongly to his values. I was always impressed by abbu’s huge library in his “Ayesha manzil” house to which we kids did not have much access..I would wonder at the number of books, files and so much more he had in did he ever mange to read all of them!! Once a while we kids would peek in when my mother insisted on cleaning up his sea of books.

His room was simple..books and books and books.There was a praying “takhat” where I saw him regulary praying..He was a very patient man.Never in my life I saw abbu angry. Once he was but he did not say anything, performed wudu and started to pray 2 nafil. That was the way he let out his so called anger.As I grew up I began to enjoy my conversations with him because they were so meaningful. I always got up learning about different aspects of life, religion, politics,ethics, and from his visits around the world (he was a visting professor as well representing AMU and had visited many of the major cities of the world). Abbu was our mentor, our guide, our teacher..

There is so much to write about him but words can never be enough. He was an ocean of knowledge and I could just take a few drops from him. I wish I had more opportunities to visit him..He was always grateful for the smallest of things. Even if I called him he was full of words of thanks. Once I could not call him on eid so he called me up and said that it does not matter whoever calls. Its all about remembering each other.

I learnt from him to be patient. Even during his last days of illness and lonliness he was never complaining and always positive. He insisted on adopting the akhlaq of our dear Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the way to suuccess is following the Qur’an and Sunnah.
His love and great conviction for the prosperity of muslim ummah and muslim minorities wherever they lived, was uncompromising.
He was an excellent writer as well. There are numerous books to his name last being on Chenghez Khan. When I last visited Abbu, I saw him busy writing this book.Sitting and writing for long was not easy at this age and there was nobody else who helped him in this mamoth task but he was committed and completed it successfully. Abbu was waiting impatiently to see the final published version of his tremendous job but alas the book arrived when his janazah had just left the house. He was a great fighter and a man who lived his life with a purpose till his last breathe.

A Special Gratitude to Khala Ammi who was with “Abbu” all through his life and even towards the end..JazakAllah khair for your love and support..
My condolences to all our family members, Abbu’s students, collegues, friends and well-wishers.

May Allah grant Jannatul-Firdous to my ever dearest grandfather aameen.
We all love you abbu and will miss you dearly..always!

Zoya Javed Khan

Prof. Haqqi, a wonderful, kind and a noble man

It is very sad and shocking to learn that Professor S. A. H. Haqqi has passed away. May Allah grant him a wonderful place in Jannat. He was a wonderful, kind and a noble man who passed his life with honesty and genuine care for our university, contributing a great deal of service to AMU. While my old friend, Mr. Naved Masood has written a true and illuminating obituary about this learned and highly acclaimed academician highlighting some of his professional achievements, I would like to share some personal incidents and connections to him. While Naved's residence (Jaleel House) was next door to that of Professor Haqqi's residence (Bait-ul-Islam), I grew up about five houses down the street in the Tar Bangla/Zakir Bagh neighborhood of the AMU Campus. Often, I would meet Haqqi Saheb during his evening walks or to and from the Mohalla mosque. I was always impressed by his very charming personality and by his kind demeanor to all, including us children. His was a personality, which forced one to respect him automatically. His kindness and sincere `shafqat' to others was greatly attracting and it was always a great pleasure to visit Prof. Haqqi on my frequent visits to Aligarh from the US . Whenever possible, I visited him with my family as I wanted my sons to also benefit from his words of wisdom, his kind love and his dua's and blessings which he always showered upon each one of us with the depth of his heart. Even when he was not well sometimes, he would always welcome us with open arms. In those short moments that we spent with him, he often talked to us about the importance that Islam places on tolerance. He used to emphasize on the need for moderation and openness in Islam and the importance of `Ikhlaq' to others, relating the tales of the prophet (PBH) and his companions (RAA). Leaving his bedside on each of those visits, we were always warmly enriched by his wonderful words and his love. Since childhood, I used to call him `Khalu' as was the common practice in the mohalla. He told me smilingly on more than one occasion that I should probably call him `Mamoon' rather than `Khalu' as he and my mother grew up in the same neighborhood in Hardoi and the families were good friends. While he loved each one of his children, he was very fond of his son and my good friend Professor Tariq Haqqi. He was rightly proud of Tariq for his achievements and excellence as a researcher and as an academician. He has left a wonderful family behind. While the loss of a loving father such as Haqqi Saheb is not easy to bear, may Allah give strength and `sabr-e-jameel' to Tariq, his sisters, Mohsin Bhai and others in the family.

Tariq Rizvi, Ph.D. (McMaster)
M.Sc. (1974)
Lima, OH

Prof. Haqqi in my oldest meories: Prof. Amina Kishore

With warm and sympathetic regards to all those who share my respectful affection for Prof Haqqui

My oldest meories of Aligarh include calling on the Haqquis. Prof Haqqui was my husband's mentor and guide and he warmly welcomed me into his house. I was impressed by his elegant personality. As I continued to meet him I understood that Prof Haqqui's grace and affectionate regard was something that came naturally to him. That was the only way he knew to be. Suave, soft-spoken and gracious, Prof Haqqui inspired a gentle elegance in any one with whom he held a dialogue. I am sure his elegance acted as the antidote to others' rude tones.

Erudition sat lightwinged on his shoulders. To his last he spoke of books and kept himself abreast of current happenings, never to local gossip, though.

Another thing that used to fascinate me was his family face. Considerate, indulgent and unobtrusive he used to leave Baji in command. I used to look forward to Prof Haqqui's visits at our Amir Nishan house and our converstions about books and places mainly. After Baji passed away we kept our visits to Haqquii Saab's house evenly paced. We found him lonelier, perhaps sad too, but he never complained, either of age or loneliness or about people who forgot to visit. His welcome was always warm and his enquiries about us and ours always genuine and sincerely concerned.

Last I met him was in 2009 December during my brief visit to Aligarh. He made me tell him all about my shift to Hyderabad and my new set up at MANUU. Now I wish I had met him more and known him a little more.

I know how heart broken the children would be, to lose such a father. Sohaila, Ghazala and Tanno, you are wonderful people because you have been nurtured by greatness. Remember all the 'good' that your father possessed, and his passing away will become ever so much more bearable. My affectionate regards to all three and their children and families, along with the assurance that you are not alone in grieving the loss.

Inna lillahi wa inna Ilaihi raajiyun

Amina Kishore
(Former Principal Abdullah Girl's College)
Moulana Azad National Urdu University

Condolence Messages- Sad demise of Prof. SAH Haqqi

Dear All, Assalam-o-Alaikum


The sad demise of Prof. SAH Haqqi is shocking and painful.We all pray to
Allah for his 'Maghfirat,and Sabre-Jameel to his entire family especially
my Friend and his only son Prof. Tariq Mahmood Haqqi,along with Dr. Mohsin
Bhai, his wife and younger daughter.I send my heart felt condolences to
the breaved family. May God gives them and all of us the strength to bear
the loss.

Dr. Najmul Hasan
Principal Scientist
Crop Improvement Division
I.G.F.R.I., Gwalior Road
Cell: 09452119710

I was shocked to learn that Prof. S. A. H. Haqqi passed away this morning. He had a tower personality, kind heart and one of the tallest and sincere Professors of AMU. Though I had never met him in person, but know a lot about his love towards AMU. His daughter Tasneem was the class fellow of my sister. Perhaps Dr. Mohsin Raza married his other daughter Suhaila Saheba and Javed Shervani (brother of Jamshed Shervani of Amir NishaN) married Mohtarmah Ghazala. I know his son Dr. Tariq Haqqi.

I undersyand that it would be a very tough and difficult moment for all his daughters, son-in-laws and son. May God give them the strength to bear this great loss. I also pray that Allah give him the place in Jannatul Firdaus.

Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Alaihe Rajeoon

Once again, I send my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and pray for the Maghfirat of Marhoom. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah - Amin.



Dear Friends ASAK

My sincere condolences to Dr Tariq Haqqi through AMU Network

Prof. Razaullah Khan
Chairman Civil Engg

It is really sad to know about the death of Prof Syed Anwarul Hassan Haqqi, a
former Professor and Head , department of Political Science, AMU, at Aligarh.

Professor Haqqi was not only a great scholor but also a great human being. He
was always prepared to help & assist not only his students but anyone to went to

He will always be remembered for his contribution to the Aligarh Muslim
University's cause.

May Allah bless his soul and grant him mercy. Ameen.

Wazir Akhtar
B. A. (Hon.)
Pol. Science, AMU

It is sad to know that Prof. S. A. H. Haqqi left for heavenly abode this morning. (Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Alaihe Rajeoon)
I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the bereaved family and pray to Allah The Almighty for his Maghferat. May his noble soul be rest in peace in Jannatul Firdaus ( Aameen).
Dr. Misbahul Arfin
Ex- President
AMUOBA, Riyadh

Prof. Haqqi, a great but relatively unknown scholar of this era

Dear Naved Saheb

Salam Masnoon. Thank you for the obituary of Prof Syed Anwar ul Haq Haqqi, a great but relatively unknown scholar of this era. Although I studied political science at Aligarh (from Syed Nasir Ali Saheb, Abul Fazl Usmani Saheb, O P Sharma Saheb), I did not have the honor of being a direct student of Prof Haqqi, who was then reader with Prof Chowdhary Sultan in the chair. In Aligarh I did not have much contact with Prof Haqqi. But I remember one incident.

In 1978, a resident of Jeddah, I was visiting Makkah Mukarramah in preparation for departure for Mina for Haj, when I saw Prof Haqqi outside Baab al-Umrah. He was searching for someone or something and was visibly troubled. I went up to him and asked if I could be of any help. He was looking for the office of his Muallim. I took Prof Haqqi there.

During and at the conclusion of Haj I could not meet him as five days later I returned to Jeddah directly from Mina. Nonetheless, it was an honor to be in the Holy Places with a scholar of great standing.

In Jeddah, however, I often met Haqqi Sahebs daughter and son-in-law Jawed Saheb when we would often talk about Haqqi Sahebs academic accomplishments.

May Allah bless his soul and grant him high station under His eternal Mercy. Ameen.

Muhammad Tariq Ghazi
B.A. 1963
Ottawa, Canada

Prof. Haqqi's sad demise, a great loss

Dear Mohsin and Haqqi Saheban


I saw your email a few minutes ago. Along with your email, I also read the short, but poignant biography of Prof Haqqi written by Naved Masood Saheb.

Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Alaihe Rajeoon.

Aligarh was blessed with a few well known luminaries, from our time at the University. Professor Haqqi belonged to that constellation. His passing away is of course a very personal loss of bereavement for you and your wife and her siblings. Please convey my condolences to his progeny.

His towering presence in your family will be felt for a very long time. The generations of students and his contribution to the edifice of knowledge he has left behind would be a balm to the pain of loss all of you feel. We pray that he would be blessed for the gift he left behind for the generations to come. With best wishes and empathetic condolences to you and your extended family.

Mirza Beg,
B.Sc. 1962, Tuscaloosa, AL
may be contacted at

Prof. S.A.H. Haqqi

Its sad to hear that Prof. SAH Haqqi (Ex-Head, Department of Political Science, AMU, Aligarh) is no more! Inna illaha wa inna ilIahey rajaun. We lost another teacher of great repute. He was not only the father-in-law of Dr. Syed Mohsin Raza Zaidi but also the father of an eminent scientist Dr. Tariq M Haqqi of USA. May Allah bestow peace and patience amongst the family members of Prof. Haqqi.

With deep sorrow,
Syed Ziaur Rahman, MD
MBBS 1990 Batch
Sydney, Australia


Being the just neighbour of Prof.Haqqi, Its sad to hear that he is no more.

Farrukh Hafeez
Asst Prof Mech. AMU

Sad Demise of Prof. S.A.H. Haqqi

Dear All: ASAK

We have been informed by Dr. Mohsin Raza that Prof. S A H Haqqi Saheb has passed
away just a few minutes ago (3:00AM, IST). Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Alaihe Rajeoon

On behalf of AMU Network, we send our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved
family and pray for the Maghfirat of Marhoom. May Allah grant him the highest
place in Jannah. Amin

Haqqi Sahib's son, Prof. Tariq Haqqi (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) is long time member
of AMU Network.

AMU Network

Condolence for the family of Prof. S.A.H. Haqqi

With faith in death and destiny, it is sad to know that Prof S A H Haqqi Saheb left for heavenly abode this morning. It is a great loss to the community as it is difficult to find sincere and honest people like him.

The loss, one can imagine, is more keenly felt by the kith and kin of deceased. However, we are with all the family members of Haqqi Saheb in this hour of sorrow and anguish, our sincere thoughts and prayers are with them.

On my behalf and behalf of AMUOBA Riyadh, accept our sincere condolences, as we all pray to Allah Tala for Maghferat of noble soul and May his soul achieve elevation and highest position in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. May the Grace of Almighty God and Infinite mercy be with all of us.

To Allah we belong and to him is our return.

Mohammad Zaigham Khan,


AMU Old Boys’ Association, Riyadh

Saudi Arabia.

Condolence for the family of Prof. S.A.H. Haqqi

Dear Naved Sb -Salam-i-Masnoon

It is indeed a great loss.

I am not sure if you know that this family of " Haqqis' is descended from Shaikh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dihalvi ( rah ). They use 'Haqqi" as suffix in their names. This particular family was based at Palwal ( Near Delhi ) but shifted to Hardoi in the final years of last century.

The father of Prof Haqqi & Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq ( Rah ) was Molvi Mahmood-ul-Haq , Vakeel,who was a Majaaz-i-Suhbat of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi ( Rah ) . Both the father & son had the same Murshid.

All I can say " Ee'n Khana Tamaam Aftaab Ast "

May Allaah shower his mercy upon all ! Aa'meen !


Khalid Bin Umar

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


ZH Chowdhury

Satish Chandra