India's Nation Builders - Sir Syed Ahmad Khan by D.N. Bannerjea

India's Nation Builders - Sir Syed Ahmad Khan by D.N. Bannerjea

By Afzal Usmani

"There would be no educated Mohammadan community existing and flourishing today but for the heroic pioneer efforts and far-sighted vision of this great man, who did not see in the utter collapse of the Moghul empire an argument for racial estrangement and enmity, nor yet a sign and symptom of the permanent moral decay of his community, only a fresh inspiration to summon courage, to accept the challenge on behalf of his community, thrown by the arduous competitive spirit of the West, to serve as a pathfinder for his countrymen, to prepare them for that relentless competition through education and social reform, so that they may thus be equipped for the struggle which the introduction of western civilization had rendered inevitable."

D.N. Bannerjea

The pages are from the book India's Nation Builders by D.N. Bannerjea published by Headley Bros
Publications Ltd. London in 1919

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