The Political Works of Sir Syed Ahmad : Theodore Morrison

The Political Works of Sir Syed Ahmad : Theodore Morrison

By Afzal Usmani

It is commonly perceived that Sir Syed was apolitical person and only focused on Social, literature and Educational reforms. But this is not completely true. It was very interesting to read about his political works by Prof. Theodore Morrison. Prof. Morrison has a unique distinction to be associated with all the 3 generations of First Family of Aligarh, Sir Syed, Syed Mahmud and Sir Ross Masud.

Prof. Morrison served as faculty member of M.A.O. College and later became Principal of M.A.O. College. He also served as guardian of Sir Ross Masud, the only grandson of Sir Syed when Syed Mahmud and his wife Begum Musharraf Jahan were going through a dispute in the guardianship of Sir Ross Masud.

To know more about Prof. Theodore Morrison, please read;

Prof. Theodore Morison

The pages are from the May 1898 issue of Mohammadan Anglo Oriental (M.A.O.) College Magazine and Institute Gazette;

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